Fitness Model 1 round only - (male & female) NO THEME-WEAR
Individual T-walk and quarter turns
Who’s it for?
The Fitness Model category is for both male & female competitors that are lean and fit with firm muscle tone. This is a model search and athletes are to have an attractive healthy look that is marketable in the Fitness industry. Body fat is to be minimal and Abs are to be seen but without being too lean or having too much muscle separation. There is not a set look in this class but more of what suits the competitor’s shape and what is pleasing to the eye. Athletes will be Judged on their appearance and physique. This class is open to all competitors of all ages, gender and levels (min age is 16 years).
The difference between Fitness model & Muscle model
Fitness models are to be less muscular and smaller in size than the Muscle model category.
Females are to be leaner and show more muscular development than Ms.Bikini but not as
  muscular, bulky or lean as the Figure category or Muscle model category.
Males are not to be as muscular and bulky as the Muscle model category.
Fitness model category is much more relaxed than Bodybuilding and Figure category. There are NO mandatory
  poses or stiff posing but more model type posing
What Judges are looking for:
A complete package.
Models with a lean and toned body.
An attractive healthy look that is marketable in the Fitness industry.
The ability to pose on stage in flattering ways.
Great stage presence and confidence.
Bikinis/swim wear that suit the model and that shows off their body parts.
Eye catching theme wear that suits the model.
Evenly tanned athletes.
You will be marked on:
Your physique and body tone.
Your quarter turns.
Stage presence and overall appearance.
Hair & make - up.
Tan (if tan is evenly put on).
Bikinis and theme wear.
How you pose & conduct yourself on stage.
Swimwear Round - Individual walk & quarter turns (100%)

Individual walk
Models will first walk individually across the stage in a “T” style to three specific points, turning at each point (in their own style) to show their physique to the Judges & photographers from multiple angles. This is your time to show off your individual personality and style! (ladies walk in high heels & men in bare feet or gym shoes)
Quarter turns
Once all models have done their individual walk the host will call out the models in a line to do quarter turns as a group. You will be asked to do 4 quarter turns and athletes may be called out in groups of 5-7 to be compared for placing by the Judges. Models should be relaxed but staying tight and maintaining good posture. Models should not look as though they are flexing.

for "T" walk diagram click here
Swimwear details
Male swimwear must be competing trunks, no surfer shorts or boxer pants allowed. Find of the kind of
  trunks here.
Female bikinis are to be 2 pieces bikini.
Bikinis can be of any colour, fabric, style and can be decorated with crystals or rhinestones.
  Make your bikinis as interesting and as daring as you like.
Chose a bikini with colours, styles and patterns that flatter and fit your body.
No G-strings or thongs allowed.
*Athletes do not need to bring music for their individual walk as Miami Pros’ DJ will provide the music.
There will be many photographers from fitness magazines and TV crew
filming while you’re on stage, so please remember to always smile!
Athlete Stage Photos
The Official photographer is MATT MARSH.
Contact Matt directly:
Dream Tan is BANNED from all Miami Pro shows. Any athletes seen making a mess with tans and marking the venue’s property will be disqualified without a refund.
Make-up Artist
Professional make-up, contact Suni at Appointments are limited.
Buy Bikinis (no G-string)
La Diva Design - Visit their website here
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